Jorge Warde
Jorge Warde
Proffesional Services
Jorge Warde


Offered to:

Biologists, zoologists, botanists, geologists, archaeologists, medical doctors, agronomists, thesis writers, doctoral students
and researches in general.

Elaboration on request of:

  • Scientific illustrations in pen and ink (fine stippling) for publications and research work.
  • Full-color documentary illustration with acrylic (dry brush).
  • Touches to scientific photographs (white and black) taken with electronic microscope, for further graphic reproduction.
  • Original drawings and paintings of birds and other animals.

Over 36 years of experience illustrating for researchers of the National Council of scientific and technological research (CONICET in Spanish) and of the National University of Córdoba (Argentina). The following are some of his published works:

  • Illustration of 8 volumes (2500 pages) of "Farmacotecnia teórica y práctica" (theory and practice of Pharmaco-technique). Author: José Hellman. Published by CECSA (Compañía Editorial Continental S.A. México).
  • Illustration of the book "Qué sabe Ud. de víboras?" (What do you know about snakes?) Author: Jorge W. Abalos. Published by Editorial Losada, Buenos Aires.
  • Illustration of the book "Dunia Zad". Author: José Guarieb. Edited by: Imprenta UNC. (This book was awarded with "Faja de honor" (a prize awarded by SADE - Argentine Society of Editors).
Illustrations are sent abroad - Credit cards accepted.


  Jorge Warde  


Jorge Warde

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