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Jorge Warde
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take more than to 35 years making documentary illustrations - Acrylic and scientists black and white (Pen) Color (Dry Brush) for the investigators of the CONICET, that evolves in center Cultural of Applied Biology, of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

My works have been published in hundreds of scientific works, in the country and abroad, editions 8 Volumes for Continental editorial of Mexico, poetry books and stories, pamphlets of spreading and posters, etc.

Video: Acrylic, Dry Brush
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  Jorge Warde  


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  Mill House Gallery   USA   Wisconsin  
  Lincoln Center Art Gallery   USA   Miami - Florida  
  Manzione, Galería de Arte   Uruguay   Punta del Este - La Barra    
  Rajadell Art Gallery   Argentina   Buenos Aires - San Telmo    
  Cerrito, Galería de Arte   Argentina   Córdoba  
  Praxis, Galería de Arte   Argentina   Córdoba    
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  Centro de Exposiciones Costa Salguero   Buenos Aires, Argentina   01/01/2006   01/01/2006  
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  Sheraton Hotel Córdoba   Córdoba, Argentina   01/02/2007   28/02/2007  
  Marchiaro   Córdoba, Argentina   07/07/2007   07/07/2007  
  Galería Cerrito   Córdoba, Argentina   01/01/2004   01/01/2004  
Jorge Warde

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